Posted by: Dominic | May 20, 2013

Once Again, Ahead of the Curve

I’m a daily BuzzFeed reader, and pleasantly surprised I was to come across the “Presidential Facial Hair Power Ranking” about a month ago!

But of course we (ha) here at Historias Apodeixis were on this idea almost two and a half years ago with a post on American facial hair. And our list included more than just presidents, we also covered writers and military.

BuzzFeed’s ranking runs:

10. Chester A. Arthur

9. James Garfield

8. John Quincy Adams

7. Franklin Pierce

6. Martin Van Buren

5. Theodore Roosevelt

4. Warren Harding

3. Rutherford B. Hayes

2. Abraham Lincoln

1. William Howard Taft

With honorable mention to James Polk.

Abraham Lincoln

Runner Up, BuzzFeed’s Presidential Facial Hair Rankings

Winner of BuzzFeed's Presidential Facial Hair Rankings

WINNER: BuzzFeed’s Reigning Champion of Presidential Whiskers!


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